I am often asked how to make cookies consistent in texture. It is frustrating when using the same recipe, and one time they are perfect and the next they spread out thin and crisp. To me, a perfect chocolate chip cookie is firm but soft, thick in the middle but solid all the way through, and rich. The most common cookie mistakes involve the butter (we always use butter, right?). Softened butter still holds its shape, but will bend. It is NOT melty. Butter too soft will spread in the oven. Another common mistake is not creaming the butter and sugar(s) together long enough. If a recipe says beat for 6 minutes, don’t cut it short. The creaming process whips air into the dough for structure and loft. If not creamed thoroughly the bits of butter left whole will melt and spread. Butter is tricky on hot summer days. If I get interrupted while making cookies during the summer I will put it in the fridge until I can finish. Lastly, use your touch to ensure consistent results. Make mental note of the feel of the dough when the cookies turn out the way you want. Don’t be afraid to adjust the amount of flour to get that feel every time. I rarely use the exact same amount of flour. Just don’t add too much or your cookies will be dry and crumbly. My chocolate chip cookie dough feels cool and moist, slightly sandy. When I get that feel, I am ready to bake! One last note, always make sure your oven temperature is correct.

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